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Industry news » Jinjiang sports goods industry fog \"dragon payable\"

Fitness for all rise for the national strategy! Until 2025, the total scale of sports industry more than 5 trillion yuan! Recently, the State Council issued the "on accelerating the development of sports industry and promote a number of opinions on sports consumption" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") into a powerful vitality to the development of sports industry Chinese, also let "SportsCity" Jinjiang dance for joy. With the development of the sports industry reform,the future sports industry total amount and structure will be substantial growthand optimization, including the development opportunity of sports goods manufacturing and sales, fitness leisure venues, competition performance,service, training various categories of sports intermediary industry will usher in the great.


Benefit not only is Jinjiang's industrial economy, for the national sports industry base and national new urbanization construction pilot in Jinjiang, is also a great benefit. 5 yuan of the "big one" will let the sports city blood boil, searching forevery opportunity; green life form it brings also will enhance the city's cultural connotation, to improve the quality of life of the people, change publicconsumption patterns.

Jinjiang Sports City, will usher in the development of "big time"!

After years of development and precipitation, Jinjiang sports goods industry has become an important strength to support the domestic sports goods industry, has a national sporting goods brand 42, sports 21 listing Corporation, the emergence of Anta, three six one degrees, Xtep, Shu Hua and many other well-known brand.However, the lack of innovation, the rapid expansion of the happy valley enclosure type also let "Jinjiang" sports goods industry encountered difficulties,entered a period of adjustment. "Opinions" issued as thunder will open anotherrapid growth period for the sporting goods industry.

The most let Jinjiang enterprises is undoubtedly the fitness dance for joy rises for national strategy. The good news, the company chairman Lin Xidelong water drip pan mouth pop out of four words: "the opportunity to!"

As early as 5 years ago, when the majority of sports brands still ask star to do speak of the time, forest shuipan is with its unique strategic vision to join hands inthe State Sports General Administration, become a "national fitness miles" campaign's first sporting goods enterprises cooperation. Beginning in 2013,Xidelong brand is awarded the State Sports General Administration of the "national fitness Chinese for" official sports shoes and garment equipment, andhand in hand Olympic Champion into more than 30 universities and a number ofcommunity, a spokesman for the national fitness.

"To support the national fitness China line and various sports events, will behealthy and upward mass sports spirit communicated to the public, the promotion of healthy life concept is our original intention." Drip pan Lin said, the brand positioning of national fitness and Xidelong "Life Sports" agree without prior without previous consultation, with previous foundation, next, Xidelong will deep "fitness" this a gilded signboard, in addition to increase research and development efforts of sports equipment, will also take the initiative to participate in the National Health body sports venue construction, eat more market cake.

In 2013, the annual China sports industry output value accounted for only 0.6% of GDP, and more than 2% developed countries accounted for more than a big gap. With the "opinions" issued, the sports industry is closely related to the lives of the residents of this industry to highlight the value of potential. How to grasp the favorable opportunity of sports industry, mining this trillion rich ore, have a sensitive sense of smell of the market Jinjiang enterprises have begun to layout.

"The sports industry will become the next super industry." In Shu Hua Limited by Share Ltd chairman, President Zhang Weijian's view, "opinions" will bring unlimited business opportunities to the fitness value and the fitness facilities and a series of detailed planning. As a leader, home fitness equipment in the future,Shu Hua will be in the sports fitness facilities construction and other big Shi fist and foot.

"The country put forward vigorously promote the campus football and socialfootball, but the current serious shortage of sports venues, this has a great market space." Zhang Weijian said, with Shu Hua in the national fitnessgovernment procurement advantages, Future Ltd will participate actively in theconstruction of national fitness venues, sports parks, outdoor path in.

"To the enterprise, the popularity of the national fitness can further enhance thepeople in the sports goods consumption." Domestic brand marketing planning experts Guo Hanyao think, once the national fitness atmosphere, will bring thechange of the life style, sports consumption will become the people's habits ofconsumption, become rigid demand of consumers, which for the sports goodsmanufacturing enterprises, market space will be larger.

Good policy or will be swept away in recent years sports goods industry overalldownturn, local sporting goods enterprises is expected to usher in the "dragon payable".

It appears in the Xu Yueyun Dean of the Quanzhou Normal University College of physical education, Jinjiang sports industry can take this opportunity to"transformation and upgrading". The so-called transformation, from the homogenization of serious competition in the apparel manufacturing industry transformation to sports equipment, sports service value-added industry chain.The so-called "upgrade", that is, enterprises should increase R & D efforts,enhance the core competitiveness of products. Through the integration ofresources, and similar enterprises or university joint research and development,reduce duplication of investment.

Both the in place upgrade or path, "national fitness" rose to national policy willbring enterprises great imagination.

New urbanization production city fusion promoting harmony

Sports industry base expansion and welcome the new blueprint machine

In addition to the enterprise benefit directly, as the following Shenzhen, Chengduafter the third national sports industry base, Jinjiang to build the magnificent blueprint for China sports city also in the "national fitness" upsurge in speeding up the painted.

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